The Different Coat Colors of Border Collie Dogs

The coat of a dog is undoubtedly one of its key features and this includes Border collie dogs. The coat of Border collie dogs come in a variety of colors. Let’s take a look at the different coat colors of Border collie dogs.

White and Black

The most common coat color of Border collie dogs is white and black. As with every other color, the pattern appears in a white blaze which covers the top of the head and a little area on the neck. The tail end has some white color. The dog’s forelegs are white usually till the elbows and it has white colored socks on the hind legs. The rest of the coat is in black.

White and Chocolate Brown

This is also a common coat color, though not as common as black and white. The pattern is as same as the black and white one but the black is replaced with chocolate brown color.

White / Light Brown (White / Yellow)

This is a rare color in Border collie dogs. The markings and patterns are as the same as white and black dogs. There are several shades of this color and are sometimes called yellow, red, cream, and blond depending on the areas.

White and Blue

The black color of Border collie dogs becomes a little diluted and appears bluish grey. It is also known as slate. This too, is a rare coat color for Border collie.

White and Sable

This is a darker reddish white color. Sable refers to a pattern in which certain parts of the hair appear darker than the rest.


Brownish markings appear outside of the colored parts, especially above the eyes. The intensity and width of these markings must vary from dog to dog. This pattern is usually combined with merle, chocolate brown, blue, and black.

Saddle Pattern

This coat color is similar to the tricolor but the brown markings are bigger and intense. The darker is sometimes limited to a saddle patch on the back.

Blue Merle

This effect is seen in many other breeds as well. The patch of black color is replaced by different shades of black and grey patterns. If the parents of the dog are merle then the offspring can inherit this coat trait from both parents and become ‘double merles’.

Sable Merle

It is genetically achievable to create a sable merle but tricky in practice. This pattern in the coat can only be viewed on the puppies. Once the dog grows its final coat, the merle markings are hard to see.

White Face

It is not actually a pattern or a color but such dogs usually have a complete white face or have bigger patches of white color on the face and head.


In this pattern, the dog has freckles or spots on the face or other parts of the coat. This might be combined with different colors as well. This pattern is also known as ticked.

There you have it—the different coat colors of Border collie dogs. Using the aforementioned information, you can choose a Border collie who, according to you, has the most appealing coat color.