Six Good Reasons to Adopt a Pet Dog

Planning a furry, friendly and overly energetic pet to your family? Go for a dog! If you are having a hard time coming to a decision regarding adoption, we can help! There are plenty of studies out there proving the positive impact on human health that dogs have.

Not good enough for you? Read on for more reasons!

You act more human:

Have you ever felt that light and deeply satisfying feeling after helping someone for nothing in return? You’ll get the same feeling when you adopt a dog from an animal shelter because you are actually saving lives. Hundreds of dogs wait patiently in an animal shelter for a chance to be loved and cared for; by adopting them and providing them the love they deserve, you actually make a change.

You discourage cruelty:

There are hundreds and thousands of mass breeding mills all over the world that keep adult male and female dogs for the sole reason of gaining income. They keep these dogs in the cruelest surroundings with no care and special treatment for them whatsoever. Once these dogs are of no use to their owners, the mills get rid of them. When you adopt dogs though, you discourage mills like these from continuing their cruel practices.

You acquire a best friend:

A dog is called a man’s best friend for a reason. These adorable creatures are so loyal and loving that they soon become a close part of the family and many grow up along with their human best friends. It’s difficult to find an honest friend when it comes to humans, but with dogs, you can trust them with your eyes closed.

You will become more social:

If you own a pet dog and you see another person equally enthusiastic about their dog, bingo! You have got a new friend. The community of dog lovers is always growing, and once you adopt a dog, you’ll get a free pass to it. You’ll be able to find a common ground with other pet owners and you will be able to make new friends and relations.

You get lots of options:

There are millions of dogs waiting in the animal shelter for a loving human to find them. Animal shelters have all sorts of a breeds available, whether you are looking for a cute looking Pomeranian, labradoodle or a mean looking German shepherd, you can have your pick.

You inspire others:

When you are just out and about with your pet dog and having a good time, you can be sure you’ll be inspiring others. The looks you’ll get have less to do with irritation and more to do with enviousness. You might well inspire a person or two to adopt a pet dog of their own and join you in saving animals from cruelty.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, you are actually getting all that adorableness as an added advantage.