Popular Dog Breeds You Would Love to Have as Pets

Those who love dogs may be familiar with a variety of dog breeds. They were one of the first animals to be domesticated and have for centuries been kept as pets millions of people; afterall, they are ‘Man’s best friend’. When it comes to dogs, there are some well-liked breeds people love to have as pets. Let’s explore some of these breeds below.


Boxers are really popular dogs who are known for standing up on hind legs and using their front legs to compete against their opponent. Because of this, these dogs were used for dog fighting – a large competitive game in Germany back in the 19th century. Along with this, people love keeping these dogs because they are active, fun loving, great watchdogs, and have a bright personality.


Poodles are cute and fluffy dogs with airy curls over them. But do not get confused with endearing appearance, they may have curls but they are not a fluffy toy. Instead, they are really very smart, clever and very obedient, and can even hurt someone when ordered. Like other pet dogs, poodles are loved as pets, mostly by women and girls because of their fluffy hair, obedient nature and of course the variety of coat colors they come in. White, gray, black, and apricot – the ladies have a lot to choose from!

French Bulldog

When people do not want to own a huge bull dog, they can opt for the small and adorable French bulldogs. French bull dogs are really friendly and social. Also, if you want to own a pet to sit with you on your couch, a French bull dog would be a smart pick. Having square heads, bat ears and wide eyes, a French bulldog is a well mannered, affectionate, and a loyal dog. Though they are not very active and fast but they make good pets.


Rottweiler dogs have a tough and rude look, but they are extremely devoted, loving, and caring companions. Having a muscular build and size, Rottweiler dogs are good to be kept outside for security. Their personality intimidates people and one must keep an eye on them when they are around children. It’s best to keep children away from them. These dogs have a habit of bumping which can harm kids, but if you are looking for dogs for your house safety then a Rottweiler would be a smart pick.


Beagles are really famous for their intellect and intelligence. Many law enforcement agencies use Beagles to sniff. In addition to intelligence, they are also friendly and social around people. This is why many people prefer keeping them as pets. If you are looking for a friendly dog with intellect, then investing on Beagles is a smart choice. According to researches, these dogs howl a lot but it can be controlled by training them.

Dogs are known for their trustworthiness and faithfulness. If you are a dog lover, which dog breed are you planning to keep in your home as pets?