Five Dog Breeds That Make the Best Guard Dogs

While dogs are definitely the non-human best companion one can get, their abilities are not just limited to being a friend. They make great guardians as well! Families and even law enforcement keeps dog breeds that are best known for their protective instincts and powerful temperament. There are a variety of dog breeds that are particularly known for their protection abilities and loyalty towards their families.

So, in case you are planning to keep a guard dog for yourself, go through our suggestions first!

Giant Schnauzer

Schnauzers are found in different sizes from small to big, but Giant Schnauzers are definitely a perfect choice when it comes to guard dogs. This dog breed is not just intimidating by looks but it is quite powerful and dominant by temperament as well. Unlike other pet dogs, these dogs require strict training to become capable of guarding humans. Giant Schnauzers require constant attention along with physical and mental motivation to keep them going. Apart from the protective nature, they are extremely loyal to their owners, which make them an appropriate choice for guard dogs.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are no doubt the most commonly kept guard dogs around the world. They are chosen by families because of their fearless and confident nature. German Shepherds are also one of the most preferred dog breeds for the police force because of their intelligence and ability to learn commands very quickly. Although German Shepherds stay quiet and calm when they are in a family environment but they react within seconds when their home or owner is in danger or is threatened.

Chinese Shar-pei

A Shar-pei may look like a cute little happy-go-lucky animal but do not go on the looks! Shar-pei is one of the most serious guard dogs kept by families for their protection. These dogs were originally bred to become farm watch dogs, roaming around the premises of their owner’s property alongside killing pests and protecting the flocks. These dogs are excessively loyal towards their home and becomes quite aggressive towards intruders peeking into their property or someone harming their owner.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

These ridgebacks were initially bred to hunt down lions with their strong prey instinct. Rhodesian ridgebacks are very faithful with quite an independent temperament. These dogs have a natural drive of being watchdogs and are perfect for you and your home’s safety. This dog breed is known for its selective barking style, which is usually considered as an alarming signal. That means when a Rhodesian ridgeback barks, you need to take it seriously! This breed loves attention from its owner and is always ready to cuddle. Having said that, it’s important to manage and train this breed properly because they are not obedient by nature.


This dog breed is particularly known for its suspicious nature, which eventually makes it a good choice for guard dogs. Pulis always remain alert and bark to signal their owners about any suspicious thing they may have sensed. Just like the dog breeds mentioned above, Pulis also require a lot of care, attention and constant companionship. Apart from being a guard dog, Pulis are great for families having active environment because they love adventurous outdoor activities like running and hiking.