Dog Grooming

Grooming is more than just removing fur. It is a cleansing procedure that helps to keep your pet healthy and clean. If you are going to groom your pet yourself, make sure that you do not wait too long where the dog’s fur starts getting tied up in knots. Also, ensure that it is at time when she is calm and quite. Puppies can be get quite excitable, but some petting and reassuring usually helps. Pet them where they like. Most dogs like belly rubs. It is a nice relaxation technique for domestic pets.

It is also recommended that you keep your grooming sessions short in the beginning, until she becomes adjusted to the water and environment. Make sure you use quality shampoo. Speak to your dog shop owner or other professional about the best product to use. Dry your pet with a hair dryer set at low power.

But one of the most challenging grooming techniques is the cutting and shaving. If not done properly, your pet can come out looking like Swiss cheese. You want to make sure you do it right. There is no second chance to do it over. Putting the missing portions of fur back on the dog with Elmer’s Glue is not recommended, so unless you have fully trained yourself

by reading manuals watching videos or if you have had experience before, give it a shot; however, if this is your first time, we highly suggest you leave it up to the professionals. Here at George Nader Dog Grooming, we provide the appropriate hands-on care that are needed to groom and cleans you pet. All our staff when hired went to dog grooming school and are all experienced with many years of grooming. We use the most advanced germ killing chemicals (with no harm to your dog) to keep him looking shiny and nice. And when your dog looks nice, you feel good about it and can’t wait to show her off to your neighbors.