Dog Companionship When You Travel

Travelling and looking for someone to take car of your dog?  Saying that we are just ‘dog sitters’ is not near what we actually do. No boarding or crates here. Only love and continuous companionship in a living room style environment is what we provide, with all the toys that would keep your precious children busy for hours. There is also a back yard for them to go and play as well. Along with our caring staff, there will never be a dull moment for your pet. We guarantee it, plus we have web cams where you can see them being their playful selves 24 x7, seven days a week. You can connect through the Internet or via our convenient mobile app.

We know that your dog needs to feel that he is in a loving home when you go away. Whether that is for a few days or a few weeks. We make that happen. We have food prepared three times a day. Our staff routinely intermingles with them to keep them energetic, have fun and give them the attention they truly deserve. If you have specific requests, we will gladly accommodate them.

For pets with special needs, we supply most everything to accompany them.

We make your dog part of our family as much as they are part of yours!